Company Profile

Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, International Development Solutions (IDS) is a leading provider of integrated security solutions to the U.S. Government. Contracts awarded to IDS support our national security and assists in the mission of Global Security for U.S. interests worldwide. Through innovation and continuous process improvement, IDS’s experienced management team has developed a strategic, operational and tactical understanding of our client’s security needs. Disciplined management processes address customer needs while at the same time adapting to an ever changing security environment. Collaboration, team work and communication are hallmarks of our company. This allows IDS to use our resources to provide the best value for our clients.

IDS Capabilities - What We Do

International Development Solutions (IDS) is a premier provider of security related services to the U.S. Government in support of missions worldwide.

IDS provides the following services:

    • Management: Program Management, Administration and Support, Operations Center Management
    • Training: Security Training, Guard Force Training, Sustainment Training
    • Protection and Support: Mobile and Static Protective Details
    • Emergency Response Services: Emergency Medical Services, Canine Explosive Detection
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  • Staffing

    IDS’s standard is to provide the highest quality professionals that can be entrusted to properly represent our customer’s mission requirements and ensure their security and safety.

  • Training

    IDS provides the best training available in the industry.

  • Program & Logistics Management

    IDS’s solution is designed around proven experience and complete alignment with customer goals, transparent visibility into performance and logistical support that insures uncompromising quality.

  • Risk management and mitigation

    Employs an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework that drives planing.